Content Production


If you're looking for marketing assistance, we specialise in social and web video production that gives your brand real personality, elicits trust and builds your online audience. We also make your products and services look mint! 

If you want to explain, demonstrate or showcase a new product or concept, we're here to bring it to life. 

Websites & Words

If it's a website you need, we set up great-looking, search engine-friendly options that are simple for you to maintain and edit. 

Weirdly enough we're also pretty ninja with the words too. For an authentic brand voice, convincing argument, concise communication of complex ideas or some pedantic proofing, look no further.


Learn how to effectively produce your own videos

We can show you how to use consumer products and a little insider know-how to create videos your clients, customers or students will love! This one-on-one training is tailored to meet your specific goals using equipment you already own. Whether you need tech help, presentation and performance tips, script ideas or the burst of self-confidence that comes from having a pro check your work - we're here for you!

Collaboratively produce an online training package 

If you have skills you need to teach, we can assist you to create a truly world-class online learning experience. Our significant training and experience in online learning means your course quality will rival Ivy League offerings.

Let's work together!

  1. Online or in person, we’ll discuss your needs and time frames.
  2. If we decide to work together, we’ll send you a short proposal and detailed budget via email.
  3. You approve the proposal and pay a 20% deposit.
  4. We get any further information required from you, and deliver a completed draft, rough-cut of any video, or training session.
  5. You give us detailed feedback.
  6. For content production and online training course production, we make any changes and create a final product for delivery.
  7. You pay the balance of the project budget
  8. We deliver the final version of the content!

Any technical issues arising from implementation of videos and websites should be reported immediately and will be dealt with as soon as is practicable. Any additional support will be charged separately.