Video production

Need more connection, action, engagement or learning from your communications? Video is your magic wand! It creates a emotional connection with your audience. More than explaining, it builds trust. It allows people to know you and know what they want from you before they get in contact. In fact, video is one of the most powerful ways to move people to act.

Video production for websites

Video production for websites & YouTube

Who’s this good for?
Maybe your website traffic isn’t an issue but you’re sick of tyre-kickers, FAQs and a bounce-rate like a frog in a bucket. Your visitors don’t understand or care about your offering and don’t trust you to provide it.

Or maybe your site is just like Sleeping Beauty’s turret – no visitors and no prince in sight.

Web video can:

  • Make people fall in love with what you’re offering

  • Visibly demonstrate your value

  • Show and explain in multiple ways

  • Create all the feels

  • Engage learners in ways no other medium can

Website video also nets additional visibility in Youtube search results. Youtube is effectively the internet’s second-biggest search engine after google search. Getting on there isn’t witchcraft or rocket science, just good sense.

Why choose this option?
There are loads of platforms and apps that help you create your own videos and they can be great. So – why go pro?

The first (and last) reason is story. Your story is one of the most powerful tools you have for engaging an audience. We help you isolate what’s most awesome about it and get total clarity on what you need to say. We then package it to resonate with your visitors and help you achieve your goals – whatever they are.

The second reason is all about the look. We’re not slaves to tech but we know how to make video that’s polished, professional and perfect.

Get in touch – we’ll use our powers for good, and you won’t regret it!

What’s included?

Stop-motion animation
Cost: from $750

Real estate walk-though video
Cost: from $400

Documentary style
Cost: from $1500

Anything else you can think of
Cost: on application

Special rates for NGOs and worthy causes. Ask!



Video production for social media

Who’s this good for?
You want an elixir that delivers engagement, brand loyalty and followers that become customers and clients.

Social video is great for engagement! Social media channels promote video because people love it. It offers sound, vision and story all in one magic package. When used the right way video creates connection, connection, connection.

It’s also all about show and tell, reveal and unbox. It brings followers behind the curtain and cranks up the heat on everything they already love about your feed.

What’s included?
We can help you with:

  • Product profiles and demos

  • Behind the scenes

  • Chats to the camera

  • Pretty much anything else you can dream of


  • IGTV

  • Instagram stories

  • Instagram Live

  • Facebook

  • Facebook Live

Cost: From $300.00



Training videos

Who’s this good for?
You’re a small business owner who wants to share your skills online as part of a paid programme.

Or you’re a teacher who wants to support your existing students with online tutorials that can be accessed any time.

Or maybe you work in an HR department and need to create effective in-house training.

Training videos can make the magic happen!

Video is an amazing medium for supporting active online learning. It has the power to show and tell, bringing abstract concepts to life with a single click. The emotional connection it creates will turn your students into learners and happy customers.

In addition, we offer advice on how to integrate training videos with your existing platforms to achieve the best learning outcomes.

Cost: from $1500.00

Special rates for educators, NGOs and worthy causes. Ask – we love to help!


Training course production

You may also want to check out our training course production option. This integrates learning design principles across your entire course, including video and all other materials and assessment.


Event recording

Who’s it for?
You have an event you need to record for later viewing. Maybe it’s a conference, full of conferency goodness you want to share on your socials. Maybe it’s a training session that people in your organisation need on file. Maybe you want people to be able to access the conference online on your website.

Whatever your particular needs, we can help.

Cost: on application


Any other videos

If you need something we haven’t addressed here – get in touch! We’d love to help.