Website design

You’re invisible, broken or lost online and you want to be found! Don’t be downcast – let us slay your website problems with a great design.

Website design


Who’s it for?
You’ve just started your new venture or organisation. Or maybe you’re rocking an audience on social media and want a place they can always find you. You have no website and you need one that’s going to get noticed by the right people!

Whats on offer?
The Craft Media design brew starts with a site structure that google search will love. With your input, we fill it with copy that sings the song of your people – whoever they are. Then we sprinkle in the perfect blend of relevant keywords, optimised images that tell your story and a sparkling visual design.

If you have branding ready – great! If not we can bring in our colleague at Hammer and Tongs Creative to make magic happen.

If you’re selling, we harness the power of a great online store to bring customers to you directly from the web. Then we make it easy for them to stay, browse and make a purchase.

If you’re looking for clients, we ensure that after one look at your website they’ll know what you offer and where to find you.

And if you want to truly cast a spell over your customers and clients, we build engagement with video that creates trust, expresses the heart and soul of your enterprise and showcases your products and services.

But our service doesn’t end with a spellbinding design. Before we hand over the keys to the castle you’ll receive solid advice about how to improve your site’s search results with content updates.

And more - we also offer complete documentation, tutorials and support so you can wear a pointy hat with confidence once we’re out of your hair.

Price: from $2000.00


Website design reconstruct


Who’s it for?
You have an existing website or blog filled with various evils - 404 errors, 2000s design or security breaches - and a bunch of content that you want to keep. This option is for you if your site has an extensive and still-relevant database.

What’s on offer?
We can kiss your site better with a complete reconstruction, while retaining your important information. To ensure your pumpkin becomes a coach, all the regular design brew applies. We’ll make your site the belle of the ball with optimised design, structure and content, and they’ll dance elegantly with your original site’s data.

Caveat: much as we hate to admit it, there is a limit to our powers. We’ll need to gaze into the dark heart of your existing site before confirming if a reconstruction that retains your database is possible.

Price: from $2,500


Website design refresh


Who’s it for?
You have a site that can still charm, if only anyone was looking!

What’s on offer?
We restore you site’s powers with a full content refresh.

If you need to rebrand, we can make that happen. Then, using our regular design brew - the perfect blend of relevant keywords, optimised content, a great structure and a sparkling design – we’ll get the punters back in the door.

We’ll also introduce you to content update techniques to keep your site on everyone’s lips.

Cost: from $1500.00